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I’ve a vision to set-up, develop and enjoy running my own retail brand, and so that’s what I’m doing! This is the perfect opportunity for me to share my take on life through a range of products. As with all good brands I’m passionate to ensure it’s authentic and true to my values. These will be applied to all aspects of the brand and I’m looking forward to the day when like minded people choose to become my customers.


I’m looking to offer original products to original people. These are people who don’t accept the “norm” and creatively challenge convention. For me the brand will appeal strongly to people who are driven to achieve their goals, and to people whose drive and determination has allowed them to achieve their vision. Although their worlds may seem miles apart these are people who share a common determination, and they know that simply following the crowd won’t get them to their destination.


Bringing to market a brand targeted at people with drive to achieve

Volume sales are not the priority, the right product for the right people is

Ethically sourced wherever possible

The products must be desirable in their own right

Underpinned with an authentic intention

Two clear markets identified

Customers as friends

This is very new

My thinking distilled into my brand

Most important!


Being a minimalist I’m curious about why we buy stuff! So establishing this brand I needed to ensure that what I’ll be selling has a positive benefit for my customers. Overtime I want to offer a considered range of products, and even to work with talented people to create products that are truly unique, interesting and of genuine aesthetic pleasure. Ultimately, I’m curious to allow my ambition to fly and give the brand the best possible chance to establish itself.


It’s easy to dive in and set-up an online retail proposition. You can jump straight into the “doing” phase and overlook the need to carefully think through what it is you are doing, why you’re doing it and who you want to do it for. This brand development is where I’ve invested my initial thinking, and by having a clear brand vision the products that are developed will reflect the brand and should then resonate more strongly with my customer base.


The brand will be coming to life in Autumn 2016 at which point the results will become apparent. So for now it’s very much a case of watch this space


Follow my brand as it comes to life


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