Hygge for sale. Cwtch for life.

Hygge for sale. Cwtch for life.

The Danish way of life is wonderful, what’s not to like about the quality of life and standard of living many Danes enjoy? Enhancing this vision is the Danish concept of “Hygge” that conjures up visions of cosy living, candles, hot chocolate, throws and a raft of other “feel good” accessories. Add in the idea of spending leisure time with family and friends and the concept seems truly alluring.

Although, this age old mindset now has a price tag on it. You can buy books about Hygge, and inevitably to create this environment you’ll need those candles, the right knitwear and a whole raft of cosy Scandi themed accessories.

Or do you? Of course it all comes down to personal choice, but this gets distorted when people are being told that to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing you need to buy things.

Selling lifestyle isn’t new. Trying to sell a cosy sense of wellbeing under the guise of “Hygge” is and that’s a shame. Turning the gas fire on in living room when the temperature dropped and having a crumpet used to suffice, especially if your family home had a warm heart. And that’s the point you don’t need to make any effort to create a special Hygge environment, all you truly need are people; your family and friends.

This is where the concept of Cwtch offers an authentic truly heartwarming boost to wellbeing.

The beauty of Cwtch is that you can’t buy it, you give it away, you offer it to a loved one who you can see is upset, or feeling down. It’s offered in the form of a polite request, “Come here and let me give you a Cwtch” is reassuring to hear, it tells you someone cares, lets you know you’re not alone and that you’ll be OK.

This is before you even receive your Cwtch, a simple kind and uniquely Welsh gesture, based on caring and giving to others.

Unlike Hygge, the Cwtch can’t really be sold. Yes you can put the word on a cushion for someone to buy as part of their Hygge kit, but the feelings and emotions that go into a Cwtch are priceless.

Although not for sale, Wales could gift Cwtch to a world that right now seems very much in need of our instant wellbeing enhancer. Denmark uses Hygge to good effect to promote a vision of the nation. Similarly Cwtch could one day turn out to be Wales’ equivalent single word brand ambassador, one that people across the world could quite literally embrace.