Noise, its everywhere and keeps on increasing. I'm talking about the volume of messages we experience on a daily basis. Its not just the obvious adverts, add in the stream of information people scroll through on their Social Media accounts, the raft of email messages, those little pop-up ads that crop up everywhere and suddenly there seems to be no escape.

Yet are they working? Or are we learning to simply ignore them? When I talk to people about communications, one question I always ask is this, "tell me about the messages you remember from yesterday?"

As yet I've never had anyone give me a list!

Sometimes its one or two messages and that's it. OK so this isn't scientific. However, it does help illustrate that just by making a noise doesn't guarantee your message will register with an audience, let alone achieve the desired response.

Whilst the importance of generating good quality content is well understood, its also important to be mindful that it will be released into a world that's already full of messages.

There are lots of techniques you can use to improve the chances of your noise being heard. However, it's important to look at the role your brand is playing in terms of building close and lasting relationships with your customers.

The logic here is simple. The more your customers feel they are a part of your brand, the more they feel it resonates with them on a personal level, the more likely they are to:

  • Remain loyal customers

  • Be receptive to, and react to, your messages

  • Recommend you to others.

I imagine just about every business would like to unlock this level of customer engagement, and of course even the most loved brands still need to attract new customers. Ultimately, the better a brand understands itself, and the more connected it is to existing customers, the more likely its messages will resonate and deliver results.   



John JacksonComment