No need to be reserved

KIN+ILK Home of the Consultant in a Coffee Shop

I did smile when I spotted the “Reserved John Jackson” sign on the table in KIN+ILK last Friday. This was my base for my second Consultant in a Coffee Shop session. Although, unexpectedly I started my consulting by Messenger before I even got to the Coffee Shop, and then on Saturday I was offering more advice.

The theme for three of the people I’ve been talking to was very similar.  Although each is at very different places in their careers they are all looking to change direction. For one, the life changing decision has already been made to leave salaried employment at the end of this year.

This is a serious decision to make, one that personally I also think can be truly exciting.

If you’re thinking of making a career change, I hope you find these pointers based on my recent conversations to be useful:

  • If you’re thinking of leaving a job ahead of finding a new direction - you and only you can make that decision. Of course if you have a partner then it becomes a joint decision. Yes take advice, do research, build a plan - this helps to support your decision making, but above all be confident that you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what your vision is going to be. After all this could well be one of the biggest decisions you make in your adult life.

  • Spending time to work on your Personal Brand can help. It worked well for me. Lots of resources are available for free on the internet. Take time to find the ones that work for you. Don’t rush the process. What it can help you achieve is:

    • An increased level of personal awareness

    • A clearer understanding of what you want to focus on doing

    • The ability develop a vision for your ambitions based on you, your skills and your interests

    • Increased confidence to develop and promote yourself and your business.

If you struggle to find a resource on Personal Branding that works for you, just drop me a message and I’ll give you some suggestions.

  • Consider working with a career coach. Having an expert work with you to help you gain focus and direction is hugely beneficial. I believe this coaching works well when you work the right coach, and it’s always useful to think about what you would like to achieve from working with a coach. This will help your potential coach understand you from the outset, and will also help ensure you engage with the right coach for you. Personally, I prefer to find specialists through recommendations. I don’t have a directory of career coaches, I do however know one who is very good, and if you would their details please message me.

  • It can be frustrating to be in a role that no longer excites you, or is one you’ve grown out of. The people I’ve talked to are highly skilled, professionals who, for their own reasons, need to move in a new direction. I’m mindful to suggest that if you can live with that frustration in the short term whilst researching, developing and planning your next step you’ll have the advantage of keeping earning a salary. However, if you know you need to move on sooner, or even need the time to prepare your next move, then be as certain as you can be to make sure you are comfortable with the decision you have  made. Understand you’ll be living with uncertainty for a while, but have confidence in the decision you have made. For me taking time out before setting-up my business has worked exceptionally well. I’ve had the best summer ever, it has helped me to focus clearly on my business and what I want it to achieve. This has worked for me, but we’re all different so be as sure as you possibly can, that the decision you make is going to be right for you.

Unapologetically this is very top line, it’s about that fundamental decision to move from being employed to being self-employed. I’m clear it has to be a personal decision, yet one that you can take advantage of resources to help guide your decision. I’m not a career coach, instead I help people when they’ve already decided to move on, and I can help bring their vision to life! As for me being reserved - I’ll let you decide.