Is it time to bin Black Friday?

Is it time to bin Black Friday?

Is it time to bin Black Friday?


It’s probably easier to spot the retailer that isn’t doing something for Black Friday, and we now have a scenario where Black Friday is running, in some cases, for up to ten days!

Add in media reports where some items have been available cheaper before Black Friday, along with, from previous years, the unpleasant scenes of people fighting to buy a cheap TV in a supermarket, and you have to wonder if this relatively recent retail phenomena has had its day.

Ultimately, Black Friday is a way for online and High Street retailers to attempt to grab consumer attention (and spend) in the run-up to Christmas. However, with so many retailers jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon, there is a danger that consumers will become tired of the concept, and more worryingly even start to deliberately ignore it in the hope of bigger bargains closer to Christmas.

As Christmas is a key trading season for retailers you can understand why so many take part in Black Friday. Although I’d hope the very savvy ones are already thinking of new ways to capture attention and of course sales.

Curiously this could involve taking a simpler approach. For example; recently when I was in one of my favourite stores the assistant approached me and said; “Did you know for today only if you spend over £75 you get 20% off?” I liked this approach, it felt personal, it was immediate and simple. It also ensured the shop wasn’t plastered in posters and swing tickets, and cleverly I was already there - so highly receptive to the offer.

This resulted in me buying one more sweater than I planned to buy. I saved 20% and the retailer sold more stock - a good result for both of us.

As for Black Friday, I’ll be one of those people who actively avoid the shops and the internet, it just seems like too much hassle. But by all means when I’m in a store I’d be more than happy for the assistants to approach me with “surprise offers!”