7 Ticks

Coming on the back of a series of meetings and conversations around, brand, strategy, social, digital and a whole lot more, it struck me that there was a real need to simplify things.
I also wanted to put the focus on customers - those wonderful, real people who should be at the very heart of marketing.

So I’ve concocted a new way to show how everything slots together to bring a simple customer focussed approach to marketing. Hopefully, you’ll find it a useful way to help focus your marketing, and feel free to add or take away ticks to tailor the approach to your specific situation.

The 7 Ticks

Tick 1: See IT
Super obvious but you and/or your offer has to be seen by your customers - potential and existing. To achieve the first tick it’s all about, your choices of media along with your comms strategy. 
Simple: Customers need to See IT.

Tick 2: Recognise IT
Almost as obvious, but you need to be recognised, and that’s where a strong, consistent and well executed brand is essential. 
Simple: A brand that resonates with your target customers will help ensure they Recognise IT.

Tick 3: Love IT
The sheer volume of messages people experience each day really does mean whatever you put out, on whatever platform has to be good, very good. Ultimately, you want your customers to love you, and that won’t happen by accident. So understand your customer, experience what they experience and then come-up with content they’ll love. 
Simple: The better your creative the more people will Love IT.
Tick 4: Engage with IT
Innovative and well executed campaigns from an engaging brand are all well and good. However, all this good work needs to keep a focus on why it’s being undertaken. Wherever opportunity presents itself, giving customers the opportunity to engage with you helps strengthen your mutual relationship. We know traditional media doesn’t offer the same level of immediate engagement opportunities that digital presents. Yet for all the platforms you use, ensuring clear direction to encourage stronger engagement will serve to build a stronger relationship with your customers.
Simple: Plan how people will be able to engage with IT.

Tick 5: Experience IT
By achieving Ticks 1 to 4, the good part comes with Tick 5, the part where your customers buy your products or services. Once they experience it, you really want to ensure that your offer is going to be rated well. Just buying your offer won’t get you a tick for experience, instead you need to be mindful to ensure wherever possible you’re offering a positive experience.  
Simple: Review your offer to ensure the experience, at  the very least, meets customer expectations. Even better if expectations can be exceeded when they Experience IT.

Tick 6: Share IT
You can wait and hope customers give reviews about their experience of you or your product. Or you can take a more proactive approach and encourage customers to share their experience across Social Media. By now you’ll have done the work needed to let your customers fall in love with you, so it makes sense to give them every opportunity to share the love.
Simple: Actively encourage your customers to Share IT.

Tick 7: Re-engage with IT
Investing in developing a true relationship with you customers takes time and costs money, so it absolutely makes sense to plan the development of an ongoing relationship. This will help to encourage not just further sales, but also ongoing word-of-mouth recommendations. For example, you can plan to capture email address and then delight your audience with timely, considered direct communications.
Simple: Plan to make it simple and desirable for people to Re-engage with IT.

This all sounds simple, although in practice getting all the details right to ensure you get your 7 Ticks is more complex. 

I’ve kept this deliberately light on detail - simple even, but I hope you find it a useful checklist to help embed customers at the heart of your marketing activity. 

By no means is this intended to be prescriptive, and you may think in your situation more or fewer ticks are needed. If so just amend it to make something that helps shape and focus your marketing activity.

I hope it works for you and do let me know how you get on.