Make it stand out

What makes your brand stand out?

What makes your brand stand out?

Shopping for a new scarf the minimalist in me was attracted a plain monochrome houndstooth one, but the one which stood out was the one with a bright orange stripe, and yes that’s the one I bought.

This reminded me of the importance of developing creative materials that stand out from the crowd. If only it was that simple! 

Knowing your target market gives you a good headstart in terms understanding their media choices and online behaviour. You can view the creative materials they experience to gain a solid understanding of the nature of the copy, design, imagery, audio and video being used to communicate with them.

However, this is when it’s important to be mindful to avoid the pitfall of creating campaigns or content that fits too well. A bit like my scarf, with its blaze of orange, just ask what in your output will stand out and truly grab the attention of your intended audience? If only it was that simple! 

The insatiable appetite for content is challenge enough in it’s own right. You then need to factor in finding a creative solution that is going to appeal strongly with your audience, but at the same time isn’t so creative you alienate them. Back to my scarf, the overall style appealed to me, and the flash of orange just gave it that extra edge to convert my interest into custom.

In terms of creativity for marketing campaigns and brand development you can apply the same thinking. Too safe and you risk not gaining or sustaining interest. Too extreme and you risk alienation or even backlash. 

Just the right splash of something unexpected, new or different and the output becomes more interesting, memorable and sharable.

A simple exercise to help illustrate this is to give yourself five minutes to think about the campaigns, messages or adverts that you remember. Then when you have your list, ask yourself what was it that made them stand out for you? What was the orange flash that caught your attention?

Feel free to comment and share any examples the of creative executions that have impressed you.