Developing your vision

A super short, quick start guide to developing your vision

Visions come in all shapes and sizes

Not intended to be a full guide to developing your vision, instead this post gives a short fast running order of "to dos". Think of it as menu listing and if this outline process does give you an appetite for developing the vision for your business then take time to undertake more research and planning before you get started.

Vision development process:

  1. Take a look around you. See what surrounds your business, gain views and opinions from others and develop a clear understanding of the environment you operate in and question it. Is this right? Should you be operating differently? What factors are impacting on your marketplace? Put your business in the context of the world it's operating in today
  2. Think about it. Take on board all of your findings from stage 1, add in your ambitions for the  business, consider new attributes and values for the business and blend them together. You may find conflicting thoughts, complementary ones or a combination of the two. There's nothing to worry about if at this stage your vision hasn't become clear. So far you've added in a lot of information and now you're thinking about it, which understandably means the vision isn't ready to emerge
  3. Develop it. You can start this stage by establishing the things that have to be a part of the vision. For example that could be: growth, ethical, innovative and taking everything you've captured so far it should be possible to start pulling out some key words that you know should be central to the vision
  4. Refine it. At this stage you may want to put together a small group of staff to work on developing the vision. When you have a vision that is working, consider putting it out to your team for their feedback and input. Of course you can't land this cold on people and it needs to be handled as a planned internal communications exercise. Then ask a selection of trusted stakeholders for their thoughts and this should get you ready to give your vision a final polish
  5. Embed it. As you develop the vision take some time to think about how it will be embedded in the business. Integrating this into the development process will help to ensure that once you have a vision you start to live it

Is developing the right vision for your business this simple?

Two answers really: Yes and no - ultimately it will depend on the business itself, and the factors at play in and around the business. Also the culture in the business can and will impact on the speed and willingness to embrace the vision. 

In some instances you'll only really know once you start to develop your vision.

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