Is your vision on?

Is having a vision for your business essential? 

I'd heard plenty of people talking about how you need to develop a vision for your business, and now I say it myself on a regular basis. However, if the idea of developing a vision is new to you, hopefully the following 8 benefits will encourage you to turn your vision on.

  1. The process you go through to define your vision is a valuable exercise that will help you learn more about your business
  2. Your vision will provide focus for your objectives
  3. You gain a clear understanding of your business; think of it as identifying your business DNA
  4. A new focus and energy is developed
  5. Shared across your team, your vision puts everyone on the same page
  6. Customers gain a clearer understanding of who you are and why they should engage with you when your vision is applied to your brand
  7. Your suppliers, in particular creatives, will find it easier to deliver results for you as they'll get you
  8. Your focus to your target audience will be strengthened

This list could easily be much longer, and feel free to comment with more benefits

However, even these eight help to show the importance of having a well thought out and developed vision

Just before you turn your vision on - be mindful to take time to make sure you fully understand vision and be prepared to invest the time and commitment it needs

You can read more about developing your vision in my 'vision series'.