Tips to sharpen your vision

Find out how to develop your super sharp vision.


Six tips for a sharper vision

Your vision will play an important role in your business, and these six tips are intended to help you. 

  1. Words are easy to write. Writing the right words is more of a challenge. When developing your vision its important to make sure that you develop it in a way that's true to the business and avoid the temptation to just add words to impress
  2. Once you have developed your vision, stay true to it! It's easy to get distracted, however at the same time don't be afraid to revisit your vision if you feel its not working for you
  3. Include your team in the process. This will help generate ideas, feedback and buy-in for the vision
  4. Plan how it will be embedded in the business. Will communications and branding need to be updated to better fit the vision? How will it be accepted and adopted by your teams?
  5. Interrogate your vision as you develop it: Is it achievable, true and appropriate?
  6. Once agreed, identify the key actions and a timeline to put you on track for achieving your vision

Developing and deploying a vision is a significant undertaking for any business, and it makes sense to build a robust process to help ensure your vision is the right for you

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