What happened in room 7.506

Can a hotel room change the direction of your life? In my case yes, especially as it was Room 7.506 in Stay Copenhagen, where I stopped for a few nights in 2014. The photos below give you a bit of a clue as to why this room had an impact on me.

So you maybe thinking, "It looks great, but how can any hotel room change someone's life? After all it's just a room." Ultimately room 7.506 gave me unexpected inspiration. Just walking in, let alone staying there, my love of design was taken to a new level, and it truly introduced me to minimalism.

My take on minimalism is that by being more considered about the things you have around you, helps you to see and appreciate them more. It also makes me question the value of the things I have in my life. So rather than adding stuff for the sake of it, I consider if I want or need something, and ask what it will truly add to my life. This doesn't only apply to things I buy, it applies to the experiences I enjoy, the things I choose to look at and even the people in my life. 

It helps me edit my life, which buys me more time to do more of the things I appreciate doing with the people I want to do them with. All of which makes me happier and more fulfilled as a person. As a thought process, this now feels like my default mode. This didn't happen overnight and doing the physical de-junk certainly helped to focus my thoughts around the wider benefits of minimalism.

So one very big, very minimal hotel room really did have a big impact on me. Whilst I'm never going to encourage anyone to embrace minimalism, what underlines this story is the benefit of being open to new experiences, and if they feel right not being afraid to explore them. Of course you may not know what the final destination will be, but that's the exciting aspect of following your instinct. 

Has it worked for me? Yes in so many ways, I now understand myself more so than at any point in my life, and this has helped me to:

  • Enrich my circle of friends and colleagues

  • Set-up Jackson Concepts

  • Engage with new and interesting clients

  • Enjoy the simplest of pleasures. Walking and taking photographs of brutalist buildings being close to the top of my list

  • Truly value my family and friends

  • Become happier than ever!

Is this good marketing advice? I genuinely believe so, because as a marketing consultant I need a very open mind to be able to apply my thinking to any number of different scenarios for clients. It means I don't apply a fixed mindset to their requirements, and this allows me to deliver innovative, yet also considered outputs for them. 

If you've had a similar life changing experience, I'd love to read about it, just add it as a comment.