Nothing Matters

Nothing matters with this business card

When it comes to my business card, nothing really does matter. The nothing in question is of course the gaping hole in the middle of the card.

This nothingness represents how, at the core of my brand, I work to help businesses and individuals to break out of their comfort zones. It references the creative approach I adopt in the work I undertake with them.

The hole also gives the card immediate impact, and without exception recipients always put it up to their eye to peep through. That’s a gallery waiting to happen!

Importantly, I am proud of my business cards, and that even makes me a little choosey as to who I give them to. This is a good thing, because it means they are given to the people who, from an initial encounter, I can identify a resonance between us that could lead to future opportunities.  

I know some people take a different approach, having a volume of cards printed and giving them out at every given opportunity. I’m sure there’s a case for doing this too, but from experience whenever I’ve had business cards just “appear” in front of me it comes across little too “shouty”. As people choose who they want to do business with I believe it’s important to get to know, and like the people you want to work with first. Then the exchange of cards becomes a timely and appropriate thing to do.  

Having nothing in the middle of my business card really does matter to me. It illustrates the creative approach that's is core to my brand. I also like to think it’s a little bit of fun, and from the outset shows people just how engaging Jackson Concepts is.

There’s no harm in taking a moment to think about your business cards, and asking if they are doing an effective job in promoting your brand, and that’s something that really does matter.

John JacksonComment