I've fallen in love

It’s taken a while, but I’ve fallen head over heals in love.

I won’t keep you in suspense, the love of my life is……
…….my new brand - Bionic Iconic. 

So I guess this is a slightly different love story.

Bionic Iconic has been in development since summer 2016, so you may be wondering why it’s taken a while for me to fall in love with my own brand?

The answer is simple, it’s all part of “getting there” in terms of brand development. 

In the case of me developing Bionic Iconic this is how it’s unfolded:

A vision to build a brand that would appeal to people who are passionate about design, architecture, art, photography and fashion. In essence the visual things around us. Specifically, there would be a focus on the highly creative and contemporary. A place where I believe you encounter the most interesting and groundbreaking work.

A deeper vision, where Bionic Iconic can explore sub and countercultures, to seek out and share the work of new creatives.

This made for a very broad remit. The challenge for the brand was to find it’s natural space. To get there has meant a lot of soul-searching and some big decisions. This is an important and worthwhile exercise.

The result has been to embed my preference towards minimalism, brutalism and urbanism at the heart of Bionic Iconic.

Up to this point I’d not fallen in love with my brand.

Then all the functional stuff. Writing content for the online store, researching postage options, and developing returns policies. All important to get right, and also a bit of a  trudge to be honest. Thankfully this bit is nearly complete, but doing it certainly didn’t do much to grow the love.

The turning point has come through Bionic Iconic’s Instagram account. This is a real playground for the brand. Over the last two months seeing the following grow and respond positively to the images being shared has allowed me to fall in love with Bionic Iconic. It makes me feel truly excited about the next phase when it all comes to life.

This new found love made it easy for me to decline many Christmas invitations to give me time to focus on the brand. This was a big sacrifice as I love being social. It has been time well spent as I’ve been able to develop the editorial plan up to May 2017. I’ve also been researching products - the interesting things the brand will make available to interesting people! 

Now the real fun starts for Bionic Iconic. First-up is a meeting with the designers, who never cease to amaze and inspire me. Then by February or maybe March, Bionic Iconic will come to life in its entirety.

I couldn’t wish for a more exciting start to the year.

And now I’m properly in love with my brand I’m even allowing myself to grow the vision for Bionic Iconic. 

Although for now, I’m being good and keeping my focus firmly on the to do list for the critically important months ahead.

This is also the perfect time to thank the very interesting people who have been part of Bionic Iconic so far. Your help, advice, support and encouragement has been phenomenally valuable to me.

Thank you my friends.




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