Bringing a new brand to life

 The vision becomes a reality 

The vision becomes a reality 

I set-up a stockroom this week, yes my spare bedroom got shelved out ready to house the Bionic Iconic interesting things that seem to be arriving on a daily basis. I was totally excited to put my shelves up. They represent a very real, realisation of the dreaming, thinking and planning that’s gone into creating Bionic Iconic.

It also feels like the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of organising the processes and logistics for the brand. Over the last few months I’ve been on a real learning curve in terms of postage and packaging options, product ordering and a whole lot of spreadsheets. 

I know working on these details aren’t my natural playground. However knowing this, is itself a good thing as it has meant I’ve been extra careful to focus on getting the details as right as possible before Bionic Iconic goes live. 

I’m quietly determined to provide my customers will a good service as part of the brand experience, and so this focus on detail will, I hope, help to ensure this is the case from the outset.
Part of the behind the scenes work has also been writing the brand story. Professionally, I’m commissioned to undertake a lot of writing, so you’d think this would be simple. Turns out it wasn’t, mainly because this is such an important piece of copy, and also because it is at the heart of the brand. 
The Bionic Iconic brand story explains the thinking behind why the brand has come to life, and that comes directly back to me. So of course it’s also intensely personal and puts into context the whole reasoning for Bionic Iconic. I truly, hope this will resonate with interesting people who appreciate interesting things. Of course I’m not going to share it with you today, but all will be revealed when it goes live.

With a photo shoot coming-up, more work on those processes and of course the push on social I’m aiming to bring Bionic Iconic to life in February, but of course I have to get those all details right first! 

I hope you’ll be interested to follow the story and maybe even become a part of it too.

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