You, you, you.

You and your content

You may know I like to try different approaches
You should notice all the sentences will start with you
You might enjoy it
You might just stop reading
You might stay curious and keep reading
You have the choice
You may need to create content for what you do
You know I need to
You can’t underestimate how important it is to be engaging
You can see that’s what I’m trying to do
You know your content is working when people react to it
You know a good reaction can be hard to achieve
You know if you get good comments you’ve done a good job
You know if you get shared you’ve done a really good job
You could court controversy
You could well regret that
You should be true to who you are
You can find a space where your content works for an audience
You can be playful, serious, entertaining, challenging and more- you choose
You don’t have to rely on words, think video, graphics, images and audio - you choose
You won’t always get it right
You improve the more you do
You don’t have to stick to the rules
You may not even know what the rules are
You should enjoy what you create, and create what you enjoy
You know who you value for honest feedback
You have a short attention span, we all do
You can be sharp and interesting
You benefit by creating content that stands out
You benefit by creating content that’s memorable
You just need to keep trying
You can do it
You may have learnt a few things here, I hope so
You can add a comment if you like
You know I’ll appreciate your feedback.

John JacksonComment