8 reasons why your brand should be authentic

Authenticity is at the heart of my new brand.

Authenticity is at the heart of my new brand.

So you’re creating a new brand, it may be to support your own enterprise, a new business venture or maybe even a charitable cause. Developing it as a fully considered brand will help add focus to your vision, which in-turn makes it easier for it to connect and resonate with people.

In a very short nutshell that’s why brand is important. 

Sounds simple, and if only it was. However, time and again, you’ll hear and read about the need for a brand to be authentic, and this really shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are a few reasons to help explain the importance of ensuring you embed authenticity at the heart of your brand.

  1. Authenticity is central to developing a successful and sustainable brand, it helps ensure your brand is truly aligned to the people you want it to appeal to.

  2. Authentic brands have back stories that explain how and why they came to life. This story has to be true to be believed. The brand story sets the scene for your brand and gives people the opportunity to decide if your brand fits with their values.

  3. Authentic brands don’t appeal to everyone, and that’s a good thing. Even the most popular brands on the planet have their detractors. It’s fine, people have opinions, people make choices, people are individuals. By being authentic your brand has a much better chance to relate to a group of people with similar characteristics.

  4. On a personal level, it’s your brand and you will spend plenty of time nurturing it. Whilst challenging at times, being authentic means it will always be rewarding.

  5. When people react to your brand, you’ll know it’s for the right reasons because they’ll be reacting to something authentic.

  6. Being authentic helps to develop a community of customers and/or supporters. People know what your brand is about and have made a conscious decision to want to be a part of it. To achieve this takes time and effort, however having a fanbase instead of a customer base is true sign that your brand is loved. This makes ongoing marketing much simpler and more effective.

  7. If your brand has niche appeal being authentic helps ensure you keep your focus in your niche. Having a strong, genuine presence in a small niche is truly rewarding and gives you the opportunity to share your passion with others who share the same interest. If you’re selling to your niche, it also makes it easier for people to want to buy from you.

  8. New brands can start small. One of the benefits of technology is the ease with which a brand can be developed. However, don’t confuse ease with simplicity, even a small brand benefits by being authentic. Arguably it benefits more because with a small brand start-up you have the opportunity to be truly personal and responsive with your customers.

It’s worth thinking about some of your favourite brands and then taking a look at their websites. Successful smaller brands often make a point of sharing their brand story as this is an ideal way to give potential customers a true sense of the authenticity of the brand.

If you have any favourite brands that you love because of their authenticity, please feel free to add them as a comment.  

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