Meaningful Conversations

A meaningful conversation to gain clarity

A meaningful conversation to gain clarity

Coffee brewing and we’re off, it’s one of my sessions where I talk with a businessperson about the things they want to talk about. 

This is the premise of my free flow one-to-one consultation sessions, where successful businesspeople come to gain an outside perspective on specific aspects of their brand, marketing, communications, plans and ideas.

They don’t need me to tell them how to do it - they have their teams for that.
However, they do value me helping them clarify their thinking, and adding new creative, yet commercially viable, concepts to support them in achieving their goals.

I’m always impressed by their drive and determination. These are businesspeople who fully understand their current business, and at the same time know that in the constantly changing marketing landscape they can’t afford to stand still. This means they are full of thoughts and ideas for their own brand (and in cases multiple brands) and through our conversations together we establish:

  • Clarity of vision 
  • Priorities 
  • Key next steps

This provides a good functional basis for the development of the business. Where I like to think I add extra value is by introducing my clients to the things they haven’t thought about. It’s also one of the key advantages of a one-to-one session, as the whole session is specific to the one business. 

Of course in writing this post, it’s difficult to fully explain how the conversations run because each client is different and has different requirements, and the outcomes in each instance are specific to them. I also make a point of keeping this work confidential, hence no case studies or videos to show what happens. This because the conversations are intrinsically commercially sensitive, and clients need to have total confidence that they can relax and enjoy the session. 

This is also one of the reasons why I prefer to run them from my own home, although be warned I make very strong coffee. Thankfully, theses wonderful clients also do a very good job recommending my services - which as we know is marketing gold.

This offers another benefit, it helps to ensure that the businesses I work with tend to be led by people who have similar: values, ambitions and mindsets. As a consultant this is important because it means from the outset we quickly develop a professional rapport that allows us to work effectively together. This consistently results in clients filling their notebooks with key learnings from the session that they can apply to their businesses.

I never fix a set time to the sessions, instead a mid-morning start time always seems to work well and after around three or four hours a natural endpoint becomes apparent. This is deliberately relaxed, as from experience, not having set constraints allows the session to be more productive. 

As this type of one-to-one consultation service is bespoke I’d always suggest you think carefully before investing in this type of service. For it to truly work for your business it’s critically important that you work with a consultant you trust, respect and who you enjoy spending time with. 

Both personally and professionally I find this work truly rewarding as it plays to my strengths, in particular I relish the challenge of analysing the issues being discussed, and then proposing creative and actionable opportunities as a result.

If you find yourself spending too much time thinking about developments for your brand and marketing, it may well be that you’d benefit from engaging with a consultant to have a meaningful conversation too.