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Working with a forward thinking, successful communications consultancy who deliver truly engaging campaigns for their clients. This award winning team works with Jackson Concepts on an ad-hoc basis, and benefits from accessing a different mindset to help with campaign concept creation and development. 


Communications have to stand out and get noticed for the right reasons. Original ideas and concepts are essential in achieving this and Jackson Concepts provides a inspiration and mentoring.


New concepts suggested to resonate with target audiences

Meeting the challenge of delivering innovation that can be applied

Providing a go to service underpinned by a clear understanding of client requirements

Support delivered to meet client's timelines



From a simple question to detailed thinking, this service is a continuous source of curiosity and benefits from my ability to be deliver effective creative thinking.


Time, budget, originality and the need for impact whilst being relevant are factored into the advice and concepts I provide. These factors represent the complexity that influences the thought process.


My services enhance my clients' thinking.

This is a cost-effective way to gain access to more brain power as and when it’s needed.

I truly value having access to John for extra thinking, his mind works on the most amazing level and always delivers exceptional results.
— Sara Robinson, Managing Director at Brighter Comms

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