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A highly respected charity with a vision to help women achieve and prosper, had an exceptional opportunity to develop its brand to fully reflect its values and directly appeal to more women. This was achieved by developing a highly inclusive brand proposition that gained universal praise and offered both flexibility and longevity for the charity.



The aim was to find a way to redevelop the charity’s brand to ensure it fully reflected the newly developed vision. Here the overriding curiosity was to challenge how a charity should present itself. This led to finding ways to show the expertise and work of the charity in a way that was not only professional but also self-confident and engaging.


Campaigns developed using “A Woman’s Place” to challenge the current position of women in society. This message led approach was used for a range of campaigns that sit under this branding and offers exceptional value for money.

I spearheaded the development one of the first apps in Wales as part of the award-winning Womenspire campaign. This aimed to encourage women to take inspiration from other women and fully embraced social media to launch and sustain the campaign.


Finding a way to make the charity appeal to women from a diverse range of backgrounds and at the same time giving it a unique identity that would would also appeal to professional bodies. This led to the adoption of a series of characters that could illustrate women in a positive and engaging manner, whilst at the same time creating a strong visual identity for the charity.


Brand development
Introducing cartoon characters as brand ambassadors

Marketing materials
New format poster literature introduced

Social media
Focussed Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube accounts nurtured

PR strategy
Constant flow of positive news stories positioned to the media

Events programme
Introduced a free event space format to engage with more women

Workplace transformation
Brand fully executed to create innovative modern work space

Campaigns developed with other charities

Used to innovatively promote new research findings  


The charity now has a highly adaptable platform for its ongoing work. The use of characters to provide a clear brand identity works well and has proved universally popular

The charity itself has a renewed sense of purpose and now successfully communicates messages that deploy consistent branding

The workspace has allowed in-house events to be run with over 500 attendees in the first year

The charity has won CIPR Pride Awards for the innovative A Woman’s Place campaign

John has an exceptional understanding of brands and expertly transformed the Chwarae Teg brand in a highly creative fashion. The result has helped transform the charity and is perfectly aligned to our vision.
— Joy Kent, Chief Executive, Chwarae Teg

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