How do we find an agency to develop our brand?

Before you start contacting agencies it’s a good idea to check your understanding of what a brand is.

Sounds obvious, but from the outset you want to be talking about the same thing when you start talking to agencies. Then when you have a clear understanding, develop a brief to explain what you want an agency to do for you.

It’s worth undertaking your own brand audit to help identify the scope of your requirement, and this will further help potential suppliers understand what they need to include in any quote.

Then start having conversations within your networks to look for recommendations, and also undertake research to look for agencies whose work and mindset look to be a good fit with you and your business.

From here, and armed with a well thought out brief you are in a good position to start having conversations with potential suppliers. This should help to guide you to the most suitable agency for your needs.

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Alex Mills