Motivational Speaker

A naturally engaging speaker, I care about my audiences and always challenge myself to ensure everyone leaves the room inspired with ideas that can be applied to their own circumstances. To achieve this I draw on my own experiences and observations and deliver positive anecdotes that both entertain and resonate.

Personal Branding
Adapted dependent on audience size

Breaking through your comfort zone
Embracing new horizons for business

Staying on top of your business
Ideal for small business network groups

Making your brand work for you
An introduction to the power of a brand

The perils of average
An upbeat talk to share the importance of striving higher

Pick a mantra
A walk into the benefits of embracing positivity

People come and go in a lifetime and then you meet someone who totally captivates you! John is one of the most sincere motivational speakers, a brilliant wordsmith with a beautiful soul! His attitude to life and how to achieve happiness is not only inspirational but believable!
— Tanya Lynch, Media Consultant

How We Can Work Together

I always tailor my talks to suit the audience, the occasion and my client’s requirements. This can mean basing my talk on existing content or developing a bespoke motivational speech just for you. This helps to ensure that my speech will resonate with your audience and deliver your objectives. If you are interested in engaging me to talk at your event, simply get in touch for some ideas.

I'd love to inspire your audience, so let's talk about it!

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