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Established and delivered the marketing function for a highly innovative programme offering e-commerce support to the business community. A brand was developed to resonate specifically with small and medium sized business in way that gave the programme a unique position in the marketplace.



Aimed at helping businesses to engage with e-commerce the brand was developed to make the programme attractive to businesspeople who, as research identified, were wary of technology. To successfully achieve this a brand based around the concept of “Helping Business Grow” was developed. This fully engaged gardening imagery to present an unthreatening persona for the programme. It gained significant interest as it generated curiosity especially when compared to the technology led branding being adopted by other e-commerce focussed businesses.


The branding stood out in the marketplace

Customer centric
Research findings used to develop the brand

The branding worked across physical and online media

Well designed merchandise had lasting appeal

Attention was given to create a unique identity

Event spaces were turned into gardens

The marketing programme was CRM system driven


Creating a new brand for a new programme presented an opportunity to challenge how businesses were being marketed to in an established marketplace. For business to business marketing there seemed to be an overuse of stock “business” images and a need to appear serious and businesslike. This overlooked the fact that businesspeople are people, and they will respond to well considered creative executions even when they are in work mode.


The main complexity was in trying to explain e-commerce in a way that made it easy to understand and to ensure this developed genuine interest in the programme. This was overcome with the use of cartoon characters who were used in strip cartoon format to tell stories of how e-commerce was helping businesses. These further enhanced the highly illustrative approach used to promote the programme and helped to give the brand further appeal to businesses.


The programme directly helped over 5,500 businesses to make effective use of e-commerce. This resulted in a reported increase in combined turnover of in-excess of £500 million along with 5,500 new jobs being created. The marketing function successfully and cost effectively ensured the programme reached all its targets. It established a strong and well respected brand that gained 30% awareness levels amongst the business community in its first twelve months.

It was amazing to see John create a unique brand that resonated with the business community and truly brought the programme to life.
— Christine Holvey MBE, former Chief Executive Opportunity Wales. Director Celters Ltd

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