Workshops are designed to ensure that participants leave with a lasting benefit based on agreed objectives. Ideally suited for groups of up to 8, in a half day bespoke session, during which I aim to inspire, provide confidence and a new-found sense of purpose and direction. Sessions are developed to meet your specific requirements.

Creativity for non-creatives
Embracing a whole team creative outlook

I want to build a brand
Ideal for new businesses

Generating campaign ideas
A lightbulb session of marketing inspiration

Personal branding
To grow self-awareness and develop career vision  

Cherish your brand
Effective ways to re-energise your brand

Challenge crusher
Small business challenges shared and robust solutions created

John is an expert at holding an audience’s attention, and delivers the workshop content in a way that is thoroughly engaging. It isn’t often that I leave workshops craving for more, but I could haveve easily signed up for the sequel there and then.
— John Davies, Graphic Designer, Candid Creative

How We Can Work Together

Each workshop is developed to ensure a positive outcome for you.

To achieve this, I take my experience and distill it in way that offers you practical actions that can be applied to yourself and/or your business.

Intentionally run as half day sessions, they are both cost effective and convenient to attend. Crucially I don’t overload you with information and jargon.

Instead, the focus is on working with you to enhance your understanding around the topic in question, and to provide you with practical next steps that you can put into practice quickly and easily.